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Made In Peru One Piece Bodysuit for Baby

  • Made in Peru Design: The "Made in Peru" seal on this one-piece baby bodysuit will let everyone know where your baby's roots are!
  • Comfortable Combed Cotton Material: Our Peru one-piece bodysuits are made with combed cotton, giving your baby a soft and comfortable feel.
  • Short Sleeve Crewneck Fit: Our Peru baby bodysuits are designed with short sleeves and a comfortable crewneck. They feature a topstitched ribbed collar and reinforced three-snap closure.
  • Printed in USA: Our baby bodysuits are printed and shipped from the United States.

Being from Peru--or simply having Peruvian roots--is something that is special to a lot of Peruvians. This one-piece bodysuit for baby, featuring the "Made in Peru" seal, is perfect for any baby who was either born in Peru or has Peruvian parents.

Ser de Perú o simplemente tener raíces peruanas es algo que es especial para muchos peruanos. Este bodysuit de una pieza para bebé, con el sello "Made in Peru", es perfecto para cualquier bebe que nació en Perú o tiene padres peruanos.