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Peru Stickers - Escudo, Marca Peru, Map - 6 Pack

  • Peru Stickers —These stickers feature the Marca Peru logo, the Escudo Peruano, and the map of Peru. They are perfect to remind yourself of where you’re from every time you open your laptop or anywhere else you would like to place them!
  • 6 Pack — You get 6 stickers total—2 stickers have the Marca Peru logo, 2 stickers have the Escudo de Peru logo, and 2 stickers have the map of Peru. Each of the 3 designs come in two different sizes—one is 2.5 inches on the largest side and the other is 4 inches on the larger side.
  • High Quality Stickers — Our Peru stickers feature a high quality print with gloss finish and are durable. They are vinyl stickers, giving them a more professional look than paper stickers. They are already cut individually.
  • Printed in USA — All of our Peru stickers are printed and shipped from the United States.

There are many different ways to show your love for where you’re from. With these Peru stickers, you will be able to let everyone know about your love for Peru in a number of ways. Whether you want to place them on your laptop, on a wall in your room, on your car or truck, on your luggage, or anywhere else, they will remind you of where your roots are.